Young Bangladeshi musicians: Ahnaf Khan

A series of stories based on the journey of some young Bangladeshi musicians.I am not going to tell you any fairy tales. These are the stories of some real heroes. This is the very First episode


young bangladeshi musician ahnaf anik

Ahnaf Khan Anik One of the most important name among young Bangladeshi musicians.



Basically, he is a guitarist but he has a creative control over all kinds of acoustic instrument.



Global Citizen Festival TicketsHe was supposed to be a photographer or filmmaker we thought at the very first of university life. There were a lot of possibilities. But he was in love with music.That was just not love but more than it. He was passionate. Now this is not hidden.




young bangladeshi musicians anik
Ahnaf Khan Anik

As a result he moved the tripod and camera aside.And  Music takes place to the highest priority. His journey start to the way to young Bangladeshi musicians.

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From his Childhood he grew up with the music practice. Both classical and western or band music were like his family member to him. This could be a reason for his extra care on music.



Collected Exclusive



Guitar is like the another part of his heart. He see his guitar from thousands of angel. He just doesn’t play with this but he makes love.

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Anik loves to do experiments on guitar playing. He played a lot of classical track with his guitar even Raaga music. He never feels pressure for anything. All he does from love and responsibility for love. He takes everything fun.



He worked with many other young talented Bangladeshi musicians in different time. Beginning of the last year he got a friend. And she is Armeen Musa.


young bangladeshi musicians anik 5artculturebd
Armeen with Anik






Armeen and Anik celebrated their one year of friendship a few days ago.This is a great thing that they are working together. 

Listeners will get some absolutely amazing tracks to feel and to love.

We are lucky we have one of the most unique and rich music industry. We are lucky our industry got Ahnaf Khan Anik.


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Ahmed Sabbir
Section Editor, Art Culture of Bangladesh
27th February, 2018

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