Touhid Ashraf is On the trend

Touhid Ashraf is On the trend. One by one and step by step. It’s a relly heartwarming topic to celebrate. But there are some stories that you never know about him. Have you ever thought , How he is here?

While most of the people were desperate after money and fame Touhid Ashraf choose to work silently. Then he walked and ran a long way to get on the trend. Not an intentional mission. He choose to work and his works choose him for the trend to create a contemporary history.

Just after a few days to valentine 2019 I went to a district town. I saw there, people are celebrating a Valentine drama. “ Deyaler Opare” By Touhid Ashraf. Farhan & Parsa starred. I was really curious to know why people are celebrating this online drama and made this trend.

I found my answer a bit letter. I am not going to any so called creative and critical review about “Deyaler Opare.”  Harmonising in general audiences, “ Deyaler Opare was a dramatic presentation of contemporary reality.” That touched millions people’s heart. As a result Valentine overloaded and overflooded with a simple drama.

E Shohorer Pakhigulo Eka’ again took him to the trend on the beginning of Bengali new year.

Touhid Ashraf is on the trend again.

He reached to the heart of his audiences with a tragedy reality. A transformation of life and dream breakeven in his storyline.

Again Mabrur Rashid Bannah Produced Touhid Ashraf’s Drama. Drama described , how incidents take place to our life and even change the ultimate goal of life. Farhan & Parsa starred to this drama once again.

If there is anyone who is reading this article and has a dream to get on the trend can take a lesson. Touhid Ashraf proved his excellence by accepting challenge. You may study a bit about his life events as well.

With more information and stories of Touhid Ashraf I will be back another day. You may find some juicy gossips though. Keep in touch with Art & Culture of Bangladesh.

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