Tokon Thakur hospitalised again

Tokon Thakur just got release from the hospital Two days ago. Now he is back to his shooting.He hospitalised due to kidney problem.

Few months ago he had a small heart attack during the pre production of “Kaanta the Film“. And again another health problem during the last time of shooting.

Basically Tokon Thakur is a poet. Kaanta is his first full length feature film.


Tokon Thakur
Tokon Thakur



Based on the story of Shahidul Zahir this cinema has three different time period. About more than two hundreds artist are working together in Tokon Thakur’s  film. Renowned director Animesh  Aich is playing Subodh of Eighty nine. Ministry of Information provided the fund to make this Cinema.

Recently Abdul Aziz met Tokon Thakur at Kaanta set. He is supporting  Kaanta for distribution and screening.

Let’s share some  interesting things about Kaanta and Tokon Thakur. Because of the outstanding story telling style and scripting of this film most the casts and crews are working for no coast. Several times the background team reformed but film never stopped. Director said ” this film is making with the hearts of a lot of good peoples .” In a Tv interview he sad his film is going to create a history and going to take place in the world cinema ranking.




Earlier he made two short films. “Rajputtur” based on a Tagore’s tale. Which got fund from the Cultural Ministry. Then “Blackout” was a dramatic psychological trailer. Both of his film has a poetic feel. It is not like that those films have poetic dialogues but a smooth poetic feel in making and visualisation.

If everything goes well Tokon Thakur will release his film at the last of this year or at the very first of the Next year.

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