The Most Mysterious Character In The Rain Is Forecast film

Premier show of The Rain is Forecast film is not so far. The production company of this film Behula is so much busy with the final preparation for the premier show.

As a part of this preparation of  The Rain Is Forecast film, Behula arranged an analytical screening for Cinema Bari Creatives.

And after the screening season, a common question arises to all.

Which is the most mysterious character in The Rain Is Forecast film and why?

A hypothetical opinion stands on this question.

It could be Shitola

Brishty Talukder In The Rain Is Forecast film

Brishty Talukder as Shitola
in The Rain Is Forecast

Shitola is the only female character in The Rain Is Forecast. Most of the time we consider that women are always mysterious. The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they deal everything is mysterious. But in The Rain Is forecast Shitola’s crisis is not hidden or confusing. Her character is clearly established. So this is also clear that we can’t declare her as the most mysterious character in the film.

Hafizur Samad In The Rain Is Forecast film
Hafizur Samad as
Vishwanath Rajbangshi

in The Rain Is Forecast



Then we have four more characters in The Rain Is Forecast film. Vishwanath Rajbangshi, Sudha, Joynal Feriwala and the narrator.

If we focus on Vishwanath then we will see He is no one but an example of a typical husband, a typical elder brother and overall a man who continuously is getting pressurized by society people. And the most important thing is his character is very much clear everywhere.

He is not that character that we were searching for. Then who?


Alvi Ahmed in The Rain Is Forecast film
Alvi Ahmed as Sudha
In The Rain Is Forecast


He has no dialogues to the entire film. That is a remarkable point. Directly or indirectly this character makes us think about him but his activities tell the story. So we may consider that this character can’t be the most mysterious character of The Rain Is Forecast film.


Then the narrator comes to our center of focus but our creative team does not vote for him.

Now we have rest only one character in The Rain Is Forecast film to think about. Joynal Feriwala.

This is the character that raises lots of questions. Lots of “why” come to us while we see his activities and dialogues.


Shakil Ahmed in The Rain Is Forecast film
Shakil Ahmed as Joynal Feriwala
In The Rain Is Forecast film like all other characters in The Rain Is Forecast answers are not certain about him. That arise a question and may the final question.
Is he the most Mysterious Character in The Rain Is Forecast?
Probably we got an answer. But If you want to know the exact answer then you must wait to see The Rain Is Forecast film.
Ahmed Sabbir
13th February 2018






















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