Taskeen Rahman the unforgettable face

Taskeen Rahman

If you once have seen him on the screen I guess you can’t forget him till your memory lasts. Because he is Taskeen Rahman the unforgettable face. A smart guy with a pair of sharp blue eyes.

From the very beginning of his cinema journey Taskeen Rahman is entertaining and satisfying his audiences with his look with talent.

If you just have an overlook on Taskeen Rahman’s career you will find his all cinema were successful excluding Aadi 2016 that has not released yet. I am not claiming Taskeen Rahman was the only reason of the success behind his cinemas.  Actually he added his own value.

He is the only actor who started with stars and marked himself as the same.

Let’s study a bit about Taskeen Rahman’s Cinema and find out his excellence.  

Dhaka Attack 2017. Taskeen Rahman played Zisahan a psychopath self-motivated criminal.

How taskeen played Zishan only you can understand if you watch the movie. I am not goanna tell anything about the aesthetics of this cinema. I will just say this was a cinema for mass people and people accepted warmly. They specially noted about the villain.

It says “art has no boundary.” And art can be produced in many ways . Taskeen Rahman produced art in his way with his skills of performing characters. He crossed the boundary

And kept his marks in west Bengal cinema.

Recently his last released film Jodi Ekdin hits and audiences found a mysterious Taskeen Rahman in the character of Jamie.

He played important and interesting roles in about six Bengali cinemas in last few years . In six cinemas we’ve  found six different Taskeen. In most cinemas he played antagonist characters but in “Boyfriend” by Uttam Akash he is playing the protagonist Rony . This true that his style of character shifting proves his versatility of acting and adoption.

Mission Extreme’ is the sequel of Dhaka Attack with a different story. Taskeen Rahman is getting ready to touch his audiences again.

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Ahmed Sabbir, Section editor artculturebd.com

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