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Mumbai! What is the relation between Skywork Studios Mumbai and Art Culture of Bangladesh? How they are connected? And how Mumbai is helping Art Culture of Bangladesh? This is very easy; just think about the contemporary historical event of Bangladesh Film Industry.

For the very first time Bangladesh is producing a 3D cinema and Skywork Studios Mumbai is supporting this cinema with their creative technology and intellectual presence. You already Know about “Alatchakra” the first ever 3D cinema in the history of Bangladesh Film industry. This Cinema is directed by Habibur Rahman and produced by the Government of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Jaya Ahsan, Ahmed Rubel, Azad Abul Kalam, Shilpi Sarker Apu, Nusrat Jerry , Sadika Shawrna are starring in Alatchakra.

We met Skywork Studios on 3rd of February 2019.

It was our first camera opening date. From the first day till the last day of 2nd lot they provided us maximum efficiency to execute the screenplay visually.

We just have difference about languages nothing more. They are soulful that helped to connect psychologically to achieve the desired visual of the circle of Desire. To all the member of the team it was like a guerrilla shooting event. Stereographer Ashish Mittal has taken this as a challenge he faced and we mede our shooting days successful from his side.

skywork studios
Ashish Mittal (3D Sterographer )
Mazharul Razu ( Director of Photography “Alatchakra”)

This time Surabhi Khetan Mittal were not with the team but we met Amit Rai the most charming face with a beautiful smile. Rama Yadav, Imran Ali, Annand Vai were continuously surprising us with their working speed.

skywork studios
Amit Rai

Working with a highly professional camera unit behind the greatest contemporary historical event was fun.

Hope to see them once again and hope to work together. We will be having some more good experiences and memories.

All will be over but the screen will be on we will be remembering Skywork Studios again and again

Thanks from the heart of Alatchakra.

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Ahmed Sabbir (Author & Section Editor Art Culture of Bangladesh)


Skywork Studious
Skywork Studious

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