Sina Hasan & Bangla Five

Independent musician Sina Hasan formed his musical band Bangla five officially about one year ago. Unofficially the journey of Bangla Five started in 2015. Sina Hasan, Ahnaf Khan Anik, Rafin Mahmud and Mehedi hasan are the founder band members of Bangla Five.

Sina hasan
Sina Hasan

Lets start the story of Sina Hasan and the Band Bangla Five. 

Sina hasan Completed his graduation in Anthropology from Jahangirnagar University. He starts music as an independent musician.

In March-2017 he  released his first solo album “lastbench” produced by independent platform “Sinabahini.”

His first album was an international project and was a highly appreciated album as well.

Some musical bands across the world inspire him a lot. Mohiner Ghoraguli, Bob Marley, Jack De La Rocha are as example.

“Sina Hasan songs” and “Left right by Sina hasan” are the most popular search on google about Sina Hasan.

Some words about Sina Hasan songs before Bangla Five to satisfy your curiosity about him.

Lastbench, Left or right, Ami Chute Jai, Raja ase etc are the most popular songs by him . In his songs you will find some strong messages with entertaining elements. Self-contradiction, human relationship, postcolonial experiences, society and overall a connection between spirituality and reality are found in his lyrics.

Sina hasan
Album Cover “Confusion”

The formation of Bangla five have a very interesting story.

The most interesting thing about this band is , Bangla five  formed on the stage.

In all cases we use to see a group of musician start their band out side of the stage then start jamming and finally we find them on the stage but Bangla five is exceptional.

In 2015 in a social awareness concert at TSC Sina Hasan, Ahnaf Khan Anik, Mehedi Hasan and Rafin Mahmud performed on the stage together for the first time. It was an instant performance without pre jamming.

Ahnaf Khan Anik the lead Guitarist of Bangla five said, “Though it was our first music together but we were having fun. And we thought this is good to produce more and more music together.”

After that, they performed many shows together without any band name.

Finally last year they officially announced their Band name “Bangla Five.”

Sina Hasan is on vocal, guitar and Harmonica. Ahnaf khan Anik is on the lead Guitar, Mehedi Hasan on Drums and Rafin Mahmub on bass and together the band Bangla Five.

Bangla Five has not a very specific Genre of music. You will find the touches of  Rap metal, funk rock, jazz folk on their music.

Bangla Five is a regular performing Band. 19th of January 2019 Bangla five is going to release their debut band album “Confusion.”  The album release ceremony will be held on Selim Al Deen Muktomancha, Jahangirnagar University. This ceremony is hosted by Heem Utshom 2019.

The Band is also going to release their music video “Mone koro” on the same day. This music video is directed by Karishma Choudhury.

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