Shyamakabya: Journey of a Mind

 Heritage Films and Communications have just released the official teaser for their film “Shyamakabya”with French subtitles for the Gange Sur Sein Film Festival. In the very first glimpse, we see Shohel Mondol as Azad, Neelanjona Neela as Shyama, and Shahadat Hossain as the old Jamindar on the screen, shrouded in mystery and poetry.

The 25 seconds teaser of Shyamakabya commences with a recitation of the following verse: “I was ever a fighter, so—one fight more, The best and the last!” by Robert Browning. This poignant moment occurs during a pivotal scene in the film where Azad points a revolver at Shyama while reciting this poetry, adding an additional layer of poetic melancholy and enigma. The teaser concludes with an enigmatic laughter.

Shyamakabya is a collaborative production between the renowned filmmaker Badrul Anam Saud and Suborna Mustafa. According to social media posts and news media reports, the film received government funding for production during the 2019-2020 fiscal year and also sponsored by the National Bank Limited.

The film also features Inthekhab Dinar, Sazu Khadem, Nawrin Hasan Khan Jenny, Ak Azad Setu, and Rimi Karim, as well as Mir Rabby Shuvashis Voumik in various important roles. According to the official website of Lincoln Cinema, “Shyama-kabya” tells the story of a narrative that delves into the psychological complexities inherent in the eternal struggle of the human mind.

Shyamakabya is premiering  at the Gange Sur Sein Film Festival 2023, organized by the City of Paris and Gange Sur Seine. The screening will take place on the closing day of the festival, October 8th, at 4 PM, in accordance with French standard time.

In November 2023, this film is set to release in Bangladeshi movie Theaters for all the Bangladeshi audiences.


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