Sady Samium kolpo reaches international level of filmmaking

This is hard to judge anything  with the terms right and wrong.  This two words are very bad to justify anything. So no judgement. Here is a story of an young talented Bangladeshi Filmmaker who crossed the boundaries and reached to the international level.

While most people of his age is searching for a job to get in touch with the silver screen, Kolpo chose to work himself. Comparatively he started his journey to film in a very early age. It’s true that he struggled to stand for his dream but his success is notable. You can’t ignore this anyway.

Poster “The Cigarettes”

Sady Samium Kolpo become a filmmaker.. The way he walked

I am not gonna talk about his personal life now. I telling you the story of his journey to the world of filmmaking.

I have not that actual idea to note a fixed time when he started to think about filmmaking. As far as I know he become serious about filmmaking after the session of One minute junior video workshop. Which was organized by Bangladesh short Film forum and supported by unicef.

During the session he made his first short film in one minute duration and got place to the best ten videos. His first step with a huge success.

Day by day he started to push himself towards the film.

He feel his responsibility to the film. That is marked in his last film “The Cigarettes” that’s is now available on vimeo on demand.

In this film he tried to spread a strong message on politics and humanity.

Here is a first look of “The Cigarettes”

“The Cigarettes” got the official selection on Lift off session January 2019.

Already Sady Samium reached to his one of the best platform till now. Now all he needs is your vote.

Here is the details of your voting procedure.

Go to the following Click here

Then vote for Sady Samium kolpo on the comment section and then also mark the second best film on the list to complete your voting.

That’s all for an young filmmaker story for today. To know more about Sady Samium Kolpo and other young filmmakers keep in touch with Art Culture of Bangladesh.

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