Rajneeti Returns

Returns of Rajneeti.  

Rajneet is a 2017 Bangladeshi film by director Bulbul Biswas.

Heroine Apu Biswas starred as the female protagonist of the film. last night Bulbul Biswas uploaded a photograph with Apu Biswas in his Facebook account.

Bulbul Biswas and Apu Biswas.

According to his photo status he said “Feeling something cooking with Apu Biswas at Lotus Etang.  Hangout after a long time, having  food and refreshment together. So, Rajneeti should be again!

PS: Some people are visible behind the Glass. This is mysterious.”

What shall we guess now?

It might be right that The sequel or prequel of Rajneeti is on the pipeline.

If this is not a bad guess Apu Biswas is starring again in Bulbul Biswas’s Film.

We use to say, we hate politics but we really enjoy to watch political stories in Cinema. Rajneeti was an amaze. We may demand another Amaze is coming soon.

Dear readers do not forget to watch the “Cut piece”

Are you thinking what is Cut piece?

Cut piece’ is the story of or behind cut pieces of Bangla Cinema.


From Rajneeti

Though winter is coming but the Returns of Rajneeti is going to worm you up.

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