Poramon 2 : Secrets behind the success .

Jazz Multimedia released Poramon 2 on the last Eid Ul Fitar. This is one of the most successful movie of this year. Raihan Rafi directed the Cinema Poramon 2. This was his First Cinema. For the first time star television actor Siam Ahmed worked as the hero in cinema with Poramon 2.

Poramon 2 poster
The Poster

Cinema Name: Poramon 2

Released date: 16th June 2018

Director: Raihan Rafi

Producer: Abdul aziz

Behind every success there are some secrets. Let’s find out the secrets of success behind the Cinema Poramon 2

Jazz’s Poramon 2013 touched the hearts of the audiences . Saimon Sadik and Mahiya Mahi starred in Poramon. A simple love story became great to this cinema. 

The movie Poramon 2 is the sequel of poramon. Teaser, posters that released were brilliant. The Cinema gots place to the hearts of the audiences from the  First look. 


About Poramon 2 very first I must say about the story and plot of The Cinema.

This film described a time period of Bangladeshi film industry. The time of the great Hero the style icon of all time Salman Shah.The lead Character Sujan is the biggest fan of him and dreams to be a hero like Salman Shah. But there was a conflict between his dream and his relationship. Finally we got a question ,” is he going to be a film star or star for his beloved?


In Poramon 2 every locations and sets are unique. All of them simply highlighted the total weather of the story with balance. The shooting of Poramon-2 was the first time shooting at Meherpur. The depth of plot attracted people psychologically. The people of some local area also get connected with this cinema directly or indirectly. This was another reason to connect more and more people with the cinema and make it successful.


Poramon 2 has  balanced commercial elements.

This is the perfect social cinema because of it’s elements. There is a very close emotional connection  between the audience in this film. Siam Ahmed performed the key cast Sujan. And I must say Siam Ahmed was so honest to his character.

Then look at the art and beauty of this cinema. The art elements are really mean a lot. Everything presents some times to remember, some feelings to feel. Visually this is an well crafted Cinema. Specially the style of

‘ Salman Shah”. A perfect blending with the star and his fan. Believing in a free soul and letting him live in side. The songs are so live and the choreography was balanced and clean.



Art is all about communication and Cinema is an art. Poramon-2 is a successful Cinema from everywhere because of it’s communication power.


Good luck For Upcoming Cannes.


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