Popy’s Cut Piece

Do you know, what is Cut Piece?

Can you remember the Dark chapter of Bangladesh film industry?

May be, you got my point.

Cut Piece
Director Bulbul Biswas


Cut piece means some added scenes in cinema which are actually not the part of The Cinema.

From 2002 to 2006; was the very bad time of Bangladeshi Film. Some directors thought,to get the market they need to add some spicy scenes in their film. Within a few days this spicing up process turned into the practice of vulgarism. It tarnished our films and our film industry.


From my won perspective I will say the backbone of Bangladesh film industry were injured because of that stupid policies. Till now we are not Hundred percent recovered.


By the way, My intention is not to remember those dark days of Cinema. I have a very good news for you today.


The great actress Sadika Parvin Popy is back with Cut Piece’ the film.

Cut Piece’ is going to be screened on your nearest cinema screen soon. You are very much welcome to the Cinema. I am not gonna tell you any synopsis or story hints right now, even not about the hero.


Cut Piece
The Poster

Cut Piece’ the film is written and Directed by Bulbul Biswas. This is his second triumph.

Very first he made the film Rajneeti . Superstar Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas starred in his first film.


He got a positive response in is his first film. Enough public attention and engagement made his film successful.


As I have an idea about Bulbul Biswas and Cut Piece’ I must add one thing at the last line.

Stay tuned, wait for the blast, Finally go to the Cinema and have a lot of fun.

Cut Piece is coming up with a very interesting story that will spice you up.



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