Pizza Vai vs Kid Cannabis

Let’s play a game. Just open two screen together ,play the film Pizza Vai & Kid Cannabis in different screens at the same time. Watch & match . Enjoy the game Pizza Vai vs Kid Cannabis. It is fun. Promise!

Kid Cannabis is a 2014 English language film by John Stockwell. This film released on March 16, 2014 in Miami International Film Festival.

Pizza Vai Vs Kid Cannabis

Pizza vai is a 2018 Bengali language short film by Nuhash Humayun. Released on Gp Bioscope a leading online platform. Asif Iqbal wrote a song for Pizza vai recorded on Tahsan and Kona’s voices.

Actually Emran and Shihab got this idea first. We were watching Kid Cannabis at Thursday night and suddenly realised a thrill to play this game.

Now I am gonna give you youtube links of Pizza Vai and then Kid Cannabis.

I guess you got your tools to enjoy the most interesting game of your life if you are an young adult who practices Art & Culture.

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If you tasted the game ever then feel free to share your opinion and experiences. That will be highly appreciated.

Ahmed Sabbir, Section Editor

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