Sculptor Novera Ahmed Returns

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Sculptor Novera Ahmed Returns with Her Paintings.

Late eminent sculptor Novera Ahmed’s husband Gregoire De Brouhns can present the late artist’s ten paintings, those she created between 1985 and 2014 in France, to Bangladesh National repository.

During the amount, Sculptor Novera Ahmed painted around fifty terribly distinctive paintings and did many sculptures,’ aforementioned Brouhns UN agency is foundation Novera Ahmed repository in France wherever sculptures and paintings by Novera Ahmed are displayed.

sculptor Novera Ahmed’s husband Gregoire De Brouhns

A meticulous painter, Sculptor Novera Ahmed painted solely around fifty works all of that might are oversubscribed however she refused to sell those as she ne’er painted or carven for money’, accessorial Brouhns, UN agency has come back to Bangladesh for the primary time.

Brouhns created the announcement concerning donating the paintings whereas delivering a lecture on Sculptor Novera Ahmed organized by Bangladesh National repository at its Kabi Sufia Kamal area on Sat morning.

Bangladesh National repository director general Faizul Latif Chowdhury, poet-architect Rabiul Hussain and poet-journalist Sajjad Sharif, among others, were a gift at the event.

In his lecture titled ‘The World of Novera Ahmed,’ Brouhns conjointly spoke on Novera’s life and works. ‘Novera’s paintings supply a window to associate inner world.


Novara delineated the colorful nature and its reflection in her Paintings. She was an excellent mystic, I think’, aforementioned Brouhns, UN agency familiar that completely different rural motifs also are the gift of Novera’s paintings.

Bangladesh continuously occupied a special place in Novera’s heart, tho’ she ne’er came to People’s Republic of Bangladesh once she left the country in 1973.

Sculptor Novera Ahmed came to Bangladesh, as she was terribly thwarted and sorrowful. However, she remained a Bangladeshi in spite of appearance until death’, aforementioned Brouhns.

Sculptor Novera Ahmed ArtCultureBD

Novera Told me that once she came to the then Bangladesh from London in 1956 once finishing her studies, she was commissioned to style a monument in memory of the language movement martyrs. Hamid [Hamidur Rahman] aided her.

It had been Sculptor Novera Ahmed’s plan To build the Central sufferer Minar resembling a mother giving her blessings to her four children’, aforementioned Brouhns.



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