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This not a cancerous story that will make you cry. This is the story of Nidow khan that gonna inspire you to move on to positivity. A journey from Rangpur to Dhaka, a Journey from the local stage to Bangladesh film Industry. Let’s open the lid on him and discover an incredible dancer.


Nidow Khan
Nidow Khan

Most of time we just see the performers on screen, we amaze and appreciate them and never think about those people who actually work on it from behind. We forget about them those who work hard to present us all these stunning performances and let us feel the beauty of rhythm. Today I am supposed to tell the story of a person behind some magnificent dances that you enjoyed on the screen but never know about him.

Nidow khan was a medical student at his early life.

During his student life he involved in so many local events near him. He had a passion for dance. When people discovered him to hit the dance floor he also discovered himself in another way. As a result he stopped studying medical sciences during the final year and started to study on Film and Media.  He started his journey with his dance crew “heart touch crew”.

More than one hundred boys and girls joined this crew from different places of Bangladesh. “Heart Touch Crew’ became one of the most popular dance crew in Dhaka within a few years then reformed the name into “Hate The Crew.”  An USA based Dance organization organized a Hip-Hop Dance project on Dhaka Bangladesh where Nidow Khan got enlisted as one of the top fourteen Hip Hop Bangladeshi Dancer and Choreographer of 2014.

Nidow khan started to work as a dance director in Mainstream Film industry a few years ago.

In 2012 he worked Iftekhar Chowdhury’s film Dehorokkhi as an associate dance director. May be that was the very beginning.

Fadeout was his first film he worked as a dance director.  The film was not released though. Then he worked in Sayem Zafar Imami’s “Rudra the Gangstar”. This was his first released Movie where he was the dance director and performer as well. 

Last 2017 Nidow khan worked as the dance director on the movie Dhushor kuasha by prominent director Uttom akash . He was also seen on the screen in  Television commercials of Basundhara Fast kitchen, Grameenphone, Octen mobile and many others as model. 

With director Shuvabrata Sarker Nidow khan choreographed a notable number of popular music videos on Cineart productions banner.

Normally television drama contains no item song. Director Mabrur Rashid Bannah started a trend of using item songs in television drama. Nidow khan was the choreographer of Bannah’s first attempt ” Jaan oh Baby”. After that this trends spread over the television industry and Nidow khan choreographed a lot of songs in TV media.



Because of the talent and versatility of this dance director our dance industry got a very rich point to level up. Though in Bangladesh it’s not so easy to design a dance according to the only senses of a Dance director like Bollywood; But Nidwo khan is trying in his way to develop this sector.

Now I am gonna  share a very interesting thing about him. We all know Naila Nayem as a popular sensation  of Bangladesh. If we just try to go for a short research about Naila’s dance performances both on the screen and stages; What we find? There is a common name with her and that is Nidow khan as her Choreographer and dance director.

If everything goes well we are going to find Nidow khan as the dance Director at Mahmud didar’s Film Beauty Circus. The songs of this film have not been filmed yet but on the preparation process. Prominent actress Jaya Ahsan, Actor Tauquir Ahmed and Ferdous Ahmed are starring in this film.

Nidow Khan said, “I just Don’t dance but I do breath in dance”



He opened a school for dancers and the hip hop artist called “Dhaka Hip-Hop Art school.” This School  just do not  provide schooling  on dance but more than it. He has taken some projects to present arts in a modern form.


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