Nasir Jayed to Artistic temperament

Artists always have a close connection Between nature and his or her own psyche. Their continues practice of sensing takes them to an artistic temperament. This temperament refers them to take the world as a studio. They have a common tendency to visit over the world psychologically. They even can reach under the water into the deep darkness or what is behind a human skin.Today we are going to turn a page about Nasir Jayed to artistic temperament.

kormomoyota ( Work Flow)
Water colour on Paper

Nasir Jayed is an artist . He lives is Sirajganj and works as a freelance artist . He does work not only for professional purposes. He has his own thoughts and philosophy.

Nasir Jayed to artistic temperament

In most of his artwork life and lifestyle of everyday lives is strongly portray spontaneously.
Simultaneously lives and nature aliens in his works.
He works on all kinds of media regarding drawing and paintings.

City Rain
Acrylic on Canvas

He is comfortable with pencils, charcoals, watercolours, oil paintings and what’s not.
In last couple of days we found him to make some artworks as lockdown challenges.
Now his paintings are open to sell for serving Humanitarian activities.
Art culture of Bangladesh will publish a brief story about this Artist and his artistic endeavour.
Keep in touch to know more about him.

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