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November 23rd, 2005 Mechanix started it’s journey . You may watch a lot of videos of this heavy metal band in different satellite and online channels in last 14 years and enjoyed the live shows as well. Recently they released a new song titled ” Ahoban” on October 10th on their own Youtube channel Mechanix TV.

Mechanix TV is active from December 6, 2017.

This the only heavy metal channel in Bangladesh.

Mechanix TV connects you to the Band virtually. You can easily play the the song from anywhere of the world and can experience the spiritual journey through music with Mechanix.

Aftabuzzaman Tridib – Vocal

Mechanix musics creates a thick , loud and massive sounds in an emphatic beats by highly amplified distortions and extended guitar solos that has a strong positive impact like a psychological therapy to be a human from inner side.

Mechanix Band faced many ups and downs in their journey but They always think about a mentally healthy society. That is why they perform powerful art to find out a solution of the social injustice , political violence and resolve the internal crisis of human being denying unnecessary controversy.

Mechanix out their new music video “Ahoban” on Mechanix TV. Here is the song for you to feel the power of lyrics and journey to music. This song is different than other song by Mechanix in it’s style and expression.

Mechanix believes in equality and happiness. Their aggression of songs are to ensure peace in everyday life by understanding nature and lives. In this song Mechanix talked about remembering a specific song in metaphorical sense that indicates to remember the glory and charm of life for self control and motivation.

Mechanix has their won official facebook page . You may keep updated about Mechanix and Mechanix TV throuh the page. If you once visit the page you are very much re-commanded to read the band story carefully.

Who are in Mechanix TV Now

As I already said Mechanix faced many ups and downs in their musical journey and they met new members. Now the following fellows are feeling you Mechanix with their nonstop triumph.

 Shafat Ahmed Chowdhury- Guitar


Audiences always miss those of album.

No idea how? But this will be a great news about Mechanix They are releasing an album.

Soumik Islam – Bass Guitar
Sheikh M Reaz- Drum nd Percussion

Mechanix Now
Aftabuzzaman Tridib – Vocal,
 Shafat Ahmed Chowdhury– Guitar , Saif Irfan – Guitar, Soumik Islam – Bass Guitar, Sheikh M Reaz– Drum and Percussion .

Saif Irfan

File photos are collected from facebook and other social media for the shake of this feature about Mechanix TV

Souls are same they just live in different bodies and places. This is the spiritual equality. This equality can make makes the world more beutiful there is no need of overloaded money and property just need the peace of living and breathing in air .

Mechanix TV Video makers (Ahoban)

The story you’ve seen on ahoban has been made by a very young team of three person. They are known as Hi 5 film factory. This is their first music video and obviously first time working with Mechanix and Mechanix TV.

It was difficult to shoot the complete story in a short time under rainy weather. Only because of the complete support of Band Mechanix, Team Hi 5 completed their shoot in SUST .

SH Wasi editor , colorist and CGI artist
” Ahoban”

SH Wasi

Moslty worked with Television Commercial this is his first attempt to work in art form diversity. He did the total post production of the song ” Ahoban”. Edit , color grading, CGI and mastering

Emrul Hasan

Emrul Hasan

Cinematographer of The song “Ahoban” for Mechanix TV.

He is learning in South Asian institute of film and photography ” Pathshala”. He is also working with the prominent Cinematographer Sheikh Rajibul Islam .

Imtiaz Neloy

Visual Director of the song “Ahoban” and was responsible for all the visual arts and crafts of the music video. He just completed his bachelor in Film from Stamford film school and started practicing with visual art tools. According to him Journey to “Ahoban” was a great and adventure.

To know more about Mechanix, Mechanix TV and Hi 5 Film Factory you are requested to keep in touch with

Ahmed Sabbir, Section editor, Art & Culture of Bangladesh.

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