Matir Projar Deshe was a journey


It was a hot afternoon  in march.

Shreya first proposed to watch a film together. It was hearing that there released a  Bengali film “ Matir Projar Deshe” in theaters .  We went to The star Cineplex and bought three tickets. Took some snacks and drinks. Entered to the Cinema hall. There were a few people.

Matir projar deshe



Just after a while all the lights got shutdown and the screen opened. A cinema (Matir Projar Deshe) started.

We were enjoying the cinema sitting on the sits in a comfortable temperature. I just don’t know how time passed. At the time of interval I discovered myself at the age of twenty four. Trust me, still  just a minute before the interval I was a boy of ten and I was walking , running and moving around my village with my childhood friend Nargis  who got married when she was only in class four.

I went to the washroom, observed  myself through the mirror. I got fresh and went back to the hall again. Cinema started again after the interval. Already I forgot that Arka and Shreya were with me. Again I traveled back to my childhood, My village where there was no electricity and there was a sufferer mom.

Don’t know what to say Bijon Imtiaz. I know You are not the best but you made me cry.

“kemon mrittur moto pashe pore acho kobita”  is that any song Mr. Director?



Matir Projar Deshe
Bijon Imtiaz
Director, Matir Projar Deshe

If I say the truth, that afternoon I was not watching “Matir Projar Deshe “

I was in a journey. A psychological journey that remembered me I am a human being.

After the show I saw all the audience to give hands together. The cinema was houseful. I know this was  to you, to your film ,to your team Mr Director but I felt it was also to me. For the first time I realized I am proud of our film. For Bengali film. Film from a third world country. 

I don’t have any idea what you got from Bangladesh film industry But you gift an asset to the history of Bangladesh film industry.





I am not waiting to see your next film soon. But I want to get another chance to have a psychological trip like the last time 

in Matir Projar Deshe. 

Ahmed Sabbir

Section Editor 

Art Culture of Bangladesh 

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