Manoj Kumar Pramanik the most versatile actor

What is the versatility of an Actor?

Is it all about getting out of one’s comfort zone?

I am not trying to find out a so-called theoretical meaning of versatility. 

Look at the headline. Manoj Kumar Pramanik the most versatile actor of the contemporary time in Visual Media.

The answer is here.

In his career life, he played a lot of characters and still playing.


Manoj Kumar Pramanik
Manoj Kumar Pramanik

Just have a look on those television commercials Manoj Kumar Pramanik performed.

You will see…..


He is so romantic that makes feel love.funny that entertains and also Dashing that satisfy eyes. 

In his Television Drama, you will find him Simple and easy to connect with common people at your next door. Sometimes Daring like a hero.  

Then what in Cinema?

We don’t know actually about the Cinema for a long duration where he performed. Because till now we hadn’t seen him on the big screen. But he has some Short films that you may watch online or on the television screen.  

Have you watched “ Aaj Amar Pala”?

Manoj Pramanik played a negative character in this film. Usually, all types of character he plays are positive. But in this film, he did this one and given a stellar performance.

Earlier he played the character of a Gang Star in Aynabaji Original series.

He is experimenting himself with different characters and he is doing them successfully complete.

In one of his television interview, he said he wants to play roles in Commercial Cinema as well.

He believes an actor is an actor. An actor must have the ability to accept all types possible characters he can play. An actor should make him feel comfortable with anything and everything. It is the duty of an actor.

Manoj Kumar Pramanik completed done the shooting of a full-length feature film “Shonibare Bikel” By Mostofa Sarwar Farooki a few days ago. 

This Cinema carries an x-factor that none other Bengali Cinema had. Shonibare Bikel is a one take Cinema.



“Eeti Tomari Dhaka” is another film Monoj Kumar Pramanik starred. Which had a Premier at Busan Film Festival in South Korea.

Hopefully, we will see him in so many roles and every time we will find him versatile.

Monoj Kumar Pramanik is an asset of Bangladesh visual Industry.


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