Liberation War Of Bangladesh in Indian Cinema

If you ask me which is my biggest pride as a Bangladeshi. I must answer, Bangladesh has the glorious history of independence and the liberation war. I have never seen the liberation war of Bangladesh. 

I just heard a lot of true stories of this historical war, sacrifices and the victory. In fact most of people of my age have the same experiences about the liberation war of Bangladesh.

We can visualize a short of the war based on the idea from stories we heard and films we watched. If I talk about the liberation war films in Bangladesh then I will say these films are just not films but also documents. All the films portrait the liberation war from different angel but the summary is hundred present equal. Stop Genocide by Zahir Raihan., Guerilla 2011 by Nasiruddin Yousuff , Amar Bondhu Rashed by Morshedul Islam , Ora Egaro Jon and Hangor Nodi grenade by Chashi Nazrul Islam, Hangor Nodi grenade , Aguner Poroshmoni, Shyamol Chaya by Humayun Ahmed all  these movies have a strong historical and artistic value because of it’s power of connecting people.

 What you will feel when a film based on the liberation war questioned the history of Bangladesh? 

Yes , I think you got my point.

let’s  talk about a bunch of Indian films which is so confusing to understand the liberation war perfectly and has a contradictory connection with the history.

A shot From “Children Of war 2014”

Though some of them claimed the story is not collected; imaginary. But they have chosen the plot ’71 war of liberation. And things they have shown in the film are adventures with fantasy in a historical time period. 

I don’t think that our liberation war is a subject of fantasy. This is a true ,pathetic, deathly and glorious history. A history of sacrifices, guts and victory.  

 “Mukti 2017”.  an Indian short film . This film is based on the conversation of general Niazi and Major General JFR Jackob in December 1971. Just before the event of the surrender.

According to  the top comments with this short films On Youtube.  A  Bengali guy commented the film as a great film and he stands some logic from his side.

But intentionally or unintentionally The filmmaker  tried to portrait a contradictory fusion of history and fantasy.

Do you think , The victory of a country was  the arrogant gift of an Army officer in a cinema? 

This story has no truthful connection with the original history. If you search in google  the keyword “Liberation War of Bangladesh in Indian Cinema”  and then Youtube.  Will show you the following  results. That is shocking. 

What will happen to upcoming generations?

We are already in a digital era but for some reasons still we have connections with some analog media like books and printed news.  That’s why we are connected with the history almost directly.

When all the people will be dependent to the online then how much they will learn to about the history of liberation war if google and Youtube show these results.

Will you marked this as a cultural aggression.?

Liberation war of Bangladesh
Screen Shots from the desktop


“16 December, 1971 was the day when India won the war against Pakistan, and was also able to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistan’s rule.

Although the ruling dictator of Pakistan surrendered unconditionally to India, some of the hard-lined Pakistani soldiers were bitter and angry at the surrender, as they wanted to continue fighting the Indians until their last breath. They retreated in silent and later came together to form their own groups of Jihaadi soldiers to carry out terrorists attacks against neighboring India. One of them was Dost Khan (Gulshan Grover).

[According to IMDb history of  “16 December” by Mani Shankar. Also written by Mani Shankar himself]

liberation war of Bangladesh in indian cinema
A Snapshot from the IDMb history.


Liberation war of bangladesh in Indian cinema
Poster 16 December

Although the Indian authorities were aware of Dost Khan’s terrorist activities, they were unable to apprehend him as he kept changing disguises, and always kept one step ahead of the authorities. This matter was assigned to Chief of Revenue Intelligence Vir Vijay singh (Danny Denzongpa) and his team of Vikram (Milind Soman), Victor (Sushant Singh), and Sheeba (Dipanita Sharma). Their investigation led them to the conclusion that terrorists had been able to acquire a nuclear bomb, at the time of the break-up of the Soviet Union, and that nuclear bomb is now in India’s capital Delhi. 16th December is the deadline for the nuclear bomb to explode, however, Vir Vijay Singh and his team have not idea about the location of the bomb, nor of Dost Khan.”

—rAjOo ( 
[According to IMDb history of  “16 December” by Mani Shankar. Also this film is written by Mani Shankar himself]

 Then I will request you to watch “ children of war 2014”. This film is touchy. Have a lot of emotional turmoils but there was no ethical connections with the history.

Specially the usages of language in the entire film. Some cases we may consider the film as the result of perverted thinking of the writer and the director of this film. I don’t want to blame Raima sen or other actor and actresses of the film. They did their job as their director said.

Gunday 2014 . A movie Directed By Ali Abbas Zafar .

Ranveer Singh Arjun Kapoor Priyanka chopra any many other stars in this film. This film is the story of two friends Vikram and Bala. They are Gunday but they got changed after the entrance of Nandita in their life.

But if you just have a look at the very first of this movie you will find this two guys were a from the refugee camp and they are refugee because of the liberation war of Bangladesh. We all know, a lot of Bengali people had taken shelter in India in 1971.

But I don’t know where they got this idea to pick two character from this plot and shown them as terrorist finally. A story where two young boys became extraordinary terrorists and Smuggler in a cycle after killing and armed person in the refugee camp. 

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