Language Movement & Cinema

Is there any relation between  Language Movement & Cinema ?



From the emotional corner, February is a matter of our own self. But this is 21st February and it is worldwide. I tried to show an interconnection between Language Movement & Cinema. Specifically, I pointed the position of our film industry and Language movement. 

একুশের গান (“The Song of Twentyfirst”), mostly known as after its first line.

“Amar vaier Rokte Rangano Ekushe February”



Penned by Abdul Gaffar Choudhury marking the Bengali Language Movement in 1952.

This song published at the last page of a newspaper anonymously as a poem “Ekusher Gan”.


Briefing the history of “Ekusher Gaan” is not my intention.

I want to point a relationship with the Language movement & cinema.

What is our responsibility for this song? For the Language movement? For February 21st, 1952? As Filmmaker and media activists.

7th Official Language Of UN a silent relationship

with Language Movement & Cinema.


Probably we all know there are 6 official languages of United Nations-Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. If United Nations are likely to add the 7th official language in their list. Then why not we are claiming Bengali as the 7th official language of Un.

Ask me, why I am trying to make a connection with Language Movement of 1952 and Cinema? How is the 7th official language of UN related to this topic?

Very first the purpose of filmmaking was only to entertain the audience. But now Cinema is one of the strongest weapons to expressing our Ethnicity, Languages, history, literature, movements, cultures and what’s not. Even cinema is the weapon of protest. Whatever we think about the film. Finally is a way of telling stories with visual language.

We have a rich movie store with a lot of cinemas of different Categories.   Just open the led on historical Bengali Cinema.

Think about “Nawab Siraj-uddoula

Just not a movie but a visual document of history. Though we can’t say that was a glorious historical event

But there is a rich store of cinemas which is made based on some of our glorious historical events.



Jahir Rayhan language movement & cinema
Jahir Rayhan



Think about our National Liberation War. A notable number of cinema is made based on this event.

Like “Stop Genocide” by Zahir Rayhan, 1971. “Ora Egaro Jon” 1972, written by Al Masood and directed by Chashi Nazrul Islam.


“Aguner Poroshmoni” by Humayun Ahmed 1994. “Muktir Gaan” by Tarek Masud 1995.

“Amar Bondhu Rashedh” by Morshedul Islam 2011. “Megh Mallar” by Zahidur Rahman Ajnan.

Except “Stop Genocide” by Zahir Rayhan, 1971. All the movies do not directly stand for the original history. But there is a stronger reflection of history that all those movies contain is inspiring. These movies are like some important messages and visual encyclopedia for the generation to generation.

Did we ever think?

We have not any historical cinema which could be marked for a strong historical document for Language Movement of 1952.

Which could inspire us to think about the 21st February more deeply?

A shot From "Jibon Theke Neya "- Language Movement & Cinema
A shot From “Jibon Theke Neya


In Zahir Rayhan’s Cinema “ Jibon Theke Neya” we see some shots of 21st February celebration. Shots were lively but not enough to tell the story of 1952 and the Language Movement.




Alor Michil-ArtCultureBD Language Movement & Cinema
A shot From ” Alor Michil”

In “Alor Michil” 1974 written and directed by Narayan Ghosh Mita. We saw a little bit shots of 21st February celebration in this film. Almost the same treatment like “ Jibon theke Neya”.

Every Bengali film where this anything about Language Movement is not clear. But this is really a misfortune for Bengali Film industry. This just not like making a film about a historical issue. This is about responsibility.

If our filmmakers think a little bit about their responsibility to restore history and to carry a message for the new generation then it could be possible. By means of visual language, we let people know worldwide that we have a glorious history.


amar bondhu rashed -language-movement-&-cinema
A shot from ” Amar Bondhu Rashed” By Morshedul Islam.

In this 21st February, it should be our target that 7th official Language of United Nations will be Bangla. And this is not so far that we have a rich movie store on Language Movement. A little more thinking about Language Movement & Cinema is enough to make this happens.



Oh! Filmmakers Country needs you to serve her.

Ahmed Sabbir, 20th February 2018,


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