Lalon mela 2018 at Kushtia

Lalon Mela 2018 kushtia Utshob

‘Dol Purnima’  celebration begins

‘Dol Purnima’or ‘Lalon Mela’, the biggest celebration programme of the bauls, Starting Today at Chhewria, Kushtia. Followers of all of the ghar’ (guru-traditions or schools) of the mendicant sects will hoard at the admission ground opposite to the Lalon Academy Complex to comply to portion in the three-days of daylight ‘Dol Purnima’ celebration, organized by Kushtia district authority in collaboration taking into account the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.


Besides renditions of baul songs of the principal gurus following Fakir Lalon Shah, Fakir Panju Shah and others, bauls will arrange shadhu shangha’ (a congregation) and Khelafat’ (the highest aerate of watchfulness and purity; the cult believes that at this stage one is prepared to make laugh the Lord within) ceremony at the Dol Purnima celebration.

Lalon Mela 2018 dance

Lalon Songs at Lalon Mela

Ones Leading bauls such as Fakir Abdul Karim Shah, Bazlu Shah, Yasin Shah, Alauddin Biswas and Abdur Rab Fakir performed songs at the program. Moreover, Lalon exponent Farida Parveen and substitute artistes who render Lalon songs for the urban audience may participate in the programme.”

Apart from the conformity by position, leading bauls will part informal programmes at their abode to observe the ‘Dol Purnima’.

This Dol Purnima Utsab, a festival held during full moon in memory of mystic singer Fakir Lalon Shah, began at Chheuria village in the district Kustia at this night. behind a goal of building an energy pardon from ignorance, superstition, and dogmatism.

Lalon Mela 2018 mazar


Lalon Mela, a memorial festival

Every year, the programme highlighted the philosophy of Fakir Lalon Shah (c.1774-1890). The festival is held annually to celebrate Dol Purnima.

Like previous years, on the subject of the occasion, the akhra maxim an influx of devotees and admirers from all on the extremity of Bangladesh and overseas. An empathy for the business was a Baul Mela.

Lalon Mela 2018 khelna

Research shows that Dol Purnima has been much-admired for apropos 200 years and was introduced by Lalon himself. In his lifetime, Lalon used to organize the matter lalon mela at his akhra. After his demise, his disciples carried behind the suggestion to the tradition. They formed a committee. The committee initially organized various programmes at the venue. The festival was organized back donations from competently-wishers. Later, Lalon Academy was formed to see into akhra affairs. In the course of time, the festival has turned into a dispensation-organized programme.

Lalon Mela 2018 guru gon

At the festival, the baul community fervently follows their customs. According to their philosophy, all religion is upon par and estrangement of humankind in the state of religion is unacceptable. Following Lalon’s teachings, they select to shun worldly desires. In their speeches, speakers emphasized the importance of disseminating Baul culture in the course of the masses.  They with said that the humanitarian and secular Baul songs / Lalon Songs could by now construct an exploitation-forgive action.


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