Koli 2.0 : The Great Valentine’s Massacre

Koli 2.0

The Great Valentine’s Massacre

A Television Fiction, Koli 2.0

Written & Directed by Abrar Athar

Koli 2.0
Abrar Athar
Writer & Director
Koli 2.0

It was December 2016 and I met the coolest film director ever. I am so lucky that I was one of his ADs ( Assistant Directors). Being a member of Little Big Films I got a chance to see him directly and to know how he works. I found there another definition of filmmaking. His style of storytelling is totally different from any other here in Bangladesh.

During the pre-production of Life, In Other Words, all we had to work a lot under pressure and personally I was stressed because it was a film and I thought that I am not capable enough to serve my team according to the need. But he( Abrar Athar) always said: ” If you think that you are in pressure then it is a pressure but if you think that you are working hard to make something great then it will be fun.” Still, these words inspire me.

This is a very good news that He is supposed to premiere his new television fiction Koli 2.0

In this valentine. Which is written and Directed By Abrar Athar himself. Little Big Films and Khelna Chobi worked together in this fiction. Hopefully, this fiction is really going to be The Great Valentine’s Massacre with Thaksin Rahman’s cinematography, Saadul Islam’s music, Jon Kabir‘s vocal and obviously the outstanding performance by Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Irfan Sajjad, Pijush Bandyopadhaya, Sumon Anowar, Nawaf Naser & Baizid Haque joarder. 

Poster Koli 2.0
Koli 2.0




This is the fiction which is like no other. And this is going to be an example of the Finest Degree Of Entertainment. I just don’t hope but I do believe that audience will be introduced to a pure and different taste of television fiction in this valentine with Koli 2.0


Ahmed Sabbir

Section Editor, Art Culture of Bangladesh

9th February 2018

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