Kaanta The Film Crowdfunding

I am interested to take part in crowdfunding  for  Kaanta The Film. Which is written and directed by Tokon Thakur based on a periodic story by Sahidul Zahir. According to director’s statement at Rising BD November 24, 2018 I came to know about the crowdfunding process of the film.

75 percent of shooting is done. They have already invested 85 lakhs of BDT for Kaanta.

They are expecting 2500000Bdt from crowdfunding. To complete the film finally they need this amount.

Swpna 1964 (Kaanta)

I really felt that I can take part to this funding. I can contribute an amount to the film. 2500000 BDT is not a huge amount and we are free to contribute any amount. So it’s not going to be a tough issue if we all stand for Kaanta. Actually this is a very good funding process. You may find a lots of great films those were totally made with crowdfunding.

But before contribute we must have a very clear idea about where we are investing. Because this is not a donation it is hundred present investment.

Kaanta the  film got a 35 lakhs of BDT from government grant in 2012-13

(According to Prothom Alo news September 27 2018)

But they  received only 10 lakhs of Taka from granted 35 lacks BDT.  ( Rising Bd 24 november 2018)

The director is trying to engage people emotionally to contribute. He said, “Society people are responsible for the film because this film is telling their stories. Stories of their sufferings and sacrifices.” ( Film free Org November 23, 2018)


He liked some parts of the story in different news cover. Really touchy!

An experimental shot From Kaanta The Film

Director said this film is making with the loves of a lot of people.


I contacted Some ex Ad’s of Kaanta set. To know their experiences in Kaanta Camp.


They said,  “ Kaanta is the only set were we actually could learnt something. The greatest achievement from this film is we learnt to know how to love Cinema. We saw Director & actor Animesh Aich to contribute both money and his time to make this film successful, we saw Isharat apu from Deshal to contribute her costumes and other support. Senior actress Shikha karmaker and other artists contributed props. As far as we can remember maximum props and costumes are collected without any costs. All those things inspire us a lot. Specially we must say about our DOP Roman vai. He is in Kaanta  from the very first of preproduction. He is not taking any payment. Eventually he provided some important props as well.”

Though Kaanta the film got Govt. Grant in 2012-2013 they started their field production process in 2017.

Already five years has gone.  25 percent of shooting and total post production is still not done. So I think we all should come forward to complete the film. I must request every member of Kaanta the film to be more active about it. Specially I will request Mr Animish Aich one of the powerful director of the contemporary Bengali film. His steps will inspire us.



This film started with the public money and it’s going to be done with public money again in another way. We public are the owner of this film. We are the producers.

If state and people take the responsibility to Complete the film then I will ask Kaanta , ” are you ready to take care of the Public interest?”

All the activities of this film has gone with a emotional psychological treatment . But I think a film can’t be made with emotions. A director can make a very good script from his emotion but to make a film director needs money , labor , passion and technique.

When Kaanta was just a script it was an art to touch our mind.

After starting the shooting on camera this is now a product and very much related to our national economy.

Don’t you think that you must be careful about the safety of your national economy? 

Then what you can do is  Share your opinion and help more people to know about Kaanta the film and inspire for crowdfunding. 









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