Jaya’s contribution to Bangladesh film Industry.

Fame and soreness come together in the life of a heroine. Jaya Ahsan is experiencing the same thing. Many a man is trying to make controversy regarding Jaya’s photographs in Indian magazine and social media and this is just remembering me the lyrics of “sound of silence” and some words by an Indian spiritual master, ” A tea stall owner knows well about what the hell Sacchin Tendulkar is doing in the cricket field; he just don’t know how to make a perfect cup of tea to satisfy his customer.” Actually I want to clear a point. Before talking about Jaya make sure first, how much you know about Jaya’s contribution to Bangladesh film industry ?

Jaya's contributions
Jaya Ahsan

Yes Jaya’s contribution to the industry

Let’s start with the latest Bangladeshi film Jaya Ahsan starred. I guess all you’ve enjoyed enough the first teaser of Beauty Circus. Do you know, Beauty Circus is the debut film by Mahmud Didar and how Jaya supported a first time filmmaker!

From the very beginning of her career Jaya supported many Bangladeshi young filmmakers to make their Debut film and helped them to explore their talent in film making.

Just not as an actress she also did so as a producer we’ve seen in Debi. how she brought out the courage of director Anam Biswas.

Even Jaya’s first step in cinema was with the debut film Bachelor by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. Then Doobsatar 2010 by Nurul alam Atique, Chorabali 2012 by Redoan Rony, Zero degree 2013 by Animesh Aich, Khacha By Akram khan all the films are debut film by the directors.

This is Jaya Ahsan the most gorgeous heroine and the most supportive actress with a beautiful heart inside. If you study about the film history of Bangladesh of last few years then you will find her presence in every successful film which is also full of aesthetics.

She starred in one of the most important Bangladesh liberation war film Guerrilla 2011. I am not gonna tell more about her contribution to the west Bengal cinema. In the sense of totality Jaya Ahsan is just like a bless to the entire Bengali language Film.

This is Jaya Ahsan who is not to be criticized negatively but to be celebrated with lots of love. A person of importance to the industry to whom we are already grateful. The long Bengali cinema will be remain Jaya will be remained again and again because of her intellectual contribution to the industry.

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Ahmed Sabbir

Section editor , Art Culture of bangladesh.

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