Jaaz multimedia is Shutting Down

Jaaz multimedia is all able to shut their business in Bangladesh

and shift over to a metropolis. The prohibitions baby-faced by joint-productions have prompted the film large to create this call. Abdul Aziz, chief of Jaaz multimedia said that the corporation could begin operations during this terribly month in the metropolis Kolkata.

Two joint productions with Republic of India Boss a pair of and governor were discharged last year throughout the height season of Eid. That vulnerable the market of native productions during this season, one in every one of the rare ones around the year to supply one thing for the filmmakers.

Thus, members of Bangladesh’s domestic film fraternity went for demonstrations against the policies that were pro joint productions. In response, the govt. reviewed the current joint-production policies and developed new ones. in step with the new policy, an additional comprehensive certification body for joint-production scripts has been fashioned. The body incorporates a variety of representatives from the native film fraternity. The new policy conjointly needs scripts to be original.


This has vulnerable the high prospects of joint-productions. therefore Jaaz is considering different choices. in step with an advocator of Jaaz multimedia, Bangladeshi theatergoers don’t watch native films. Joint-productions with different countries are more restricted with new policies, thus it’s become nearly not possible for the corporate to try and do business in Bangladesh. It will rather shift to India and do business there.

However, the arrange of feat Bangladesh for the indefinite amount remains undecided. 5 films from Jaaz multimedia has neared ending of production works. the corporate has conjointly signed for 2 additional films. Thus until seven productions square measure finalized and discharged the corporate would really like to remain within the country.


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