Hrazu The Magician


This is Hrazu, the illusionist, the mentalist. Entertains people with magic. Yes , Magic . He does think in magic . He believes that the world will be changed if we just try to understand how magical the world is!

HRazu magician
HRazu The Magician

Magic is a power of mind. Mind controls over the imaginations and gives us a magical world. Preparing a mind to set for a goal is the key needs to be a Magician. Magicians just wish to have fun and the have fun; we get entertain.

Lets open the lid on Hrazu.

Very first you should know about the latest update about him. Recently he is going to start a series of an audiovisual production. Actually a magical film. He is trying to let people think in Magic.


From our childhood we used to love stories. Stories what we heard from our grandfathers and grandmoms, From our parents or from a story teller. No matter; we just love it and we get entertain.

Hrazu tells stories with his magic.

Best thing of his magic is almost all the time he perform with his audience not just in front of them. He lets people to communicate him directly when he perform. So his audience become the parts of his magic. So people get closer and they start to think in magic.


HRAZU : Think In Magic 2018

Coming this September <3

Posted by HRAZU on Friday, June 1, 2018


You may get Hrazu  from everywhere of Dhaka City, actually from anywhere of the country or out side. Witching entertainment is a production going to make the magical audio visual series By Hrazu.

He thinks life is full of magic. Sometimes you may  find him performing directly in a public place on your holydays. So lets see a story of his Friday. For the people of all ages Hrazu is the name of a positive sensation who carries positive vibrations. He just not entertain people. He makes people happy and let them think in magic.





Hrazu is the most Favorite magicians to all the contemporary even to the senior celebrities of the Film industry and  Different social platform.

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