‘Shopener Ghor’ First ever quality Bangladeshi horror film.

We have a huge storage of Bengali Horror stories. From the very beginning of Bengali literature practice, horror segment is an import part of our literature. Unfortunately, this is true that we don’t have that collection of Bangladeshi horror film still now.

Bangladeshi Horror Film

You may know, in 1984 renowned Director Kazi Hayat made a Bangladeshi horror film for the first time named Rajbari based on a Tagore’s tale. After that some more director tried to make horror films but that was not successful at all. Every time audiences got disappointed because of the horror experiences instate of getting a scary thriller feeling. Because there was a continuous gap of using VFX and sound effects.

We are at the last of 2018. The horror experience of Bangladeshi horror film is now over.

To give you the real thriller horror feelings and a scary experience like Annabelle or The Nun

Director Taneem Rahman Angshu is presenting you the first ever quality Bangladeshi horror film “Shopener Ghor.”

Based on the prominent horror segment writer Anish Das Apu this film has the finest use of VFX and sound effects.

Zakia Bari Mamo, Anisur Rahman Milon, Shimul Khan, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Arfan Aanik, Merlien Biswas starred in this movie.

‘Shopner ghor‘ released Last 21st December in Star Cineplex and five other movie theater over Bangladesh.

We are hoping for the success of this wonderful movie.

No wait!

Go your nearest movie theater to watch the first ever quality Bangladeshi Horror film.

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