Entrepreneurs support Komolibala Devi 3D

Many people say our film industry is getting down day by day.  We are not producing good films. We have lake of collaboration. Somehow this idea is not true. Actually our film industry is getting up day by day and we are producing good film as well.  Have you ever heard about “Komolibala Devi 3D”. This is an upcoming Bengali Language film which is shooting on 3D. Young entrepreneurs  support Komolibala Devi 3D film. Imtiaz Neloy, Rifat Ara Afrin Bristy , Nilanjona Odhora , Mahbub Ferdous Bijoy some young entrepreneurs are supporting this film and co-operating the team with logistics, Intelligence and finance.

Imtiaz Neloy himself is a filmmaker and actor. Currently he is going through with Dorkari.com as a Director and head of Marketing. He is the first person who came forward to support the film and taken the responsibility of the producer.  Almost fifty percent of the preproduction is done with his collaboration.


Rifat Ara Afrin Bristy & Nilanjona Odhora . They are the founder and owner of Online based fashion outfit and accessories house Nilaranno . They are providing Dhakai Moslin and other costumes for this  3D film


Mahbub Ferdous Bijoy , Director of marketing , gangnum.com . A  new and rising online marketplace of Bangladesh.  He is taking care of all the printing and publications regarding the film.

Without any doubt Komolibala Devi 3D cinema is blessed all in the way.  This film is going to have you a time travel to the history. If everything get fix, film authorities will take an action to shoot the film as soon as possible.

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