Dohon is a trendy Cinema

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Do you know, why Dohon is a trendy cinema?

I think you will realize the fact yourself if you know what is trend?   Why people use the word trendy for anything?

Do not feel trend or trendy is a negative word. To keep cope with the market, understanding trend is a very important thing.

Trend is understanding the vibe of mass people.

Understanding what is going on around now and then. Adopt the latest idea to serve people and connect them emotionally.

Trendy shoes, trendy outfit, trendy polapains we heard a lot about trendy stuffs.

This is the first time you are getting in touch with a new term “Trendy Cinema”. And That Cinema is none other but “Dohon”.

By the way, now let me ask you, what is going on over Bangladesh now?

In which specific thing is taking place to the people of Bangladesh in this time?

What is the mostly hot topic to talk about?

I think, without any doubt it is politics and National Election.

A shot from The Cinema

Election is the time when there is a chance to be change a government of any country.

So directly or indirectly people those who are related with business and marketing is very much active to use this vibe to earn money.

Then why film industry and film business will stay back?

This is the high time for any political Cinema.

Dohon is the one and only cinema that you can connect with the current situation of Bangladesh now. That will also connect you with a few years back stories as well.

In this situation Dohon is a very effective Cinema that have a power to change your mind silently.

Do not think Director Raihan Rafi was biased to any political party during the making period of Dohon.

He was just conscious about what is going on and choose the most effective plot to connect maximum audience.

He could understand the vibe of mass people.

We really appreciate this initiative. I think all the directors of Bangladesh should understand the vibe of the audiences and about “what is going on”. Not like, it should be politics. Could be anything.

As a result they will be able to make some movies that will connect the audiences directly.

When audience can find themselves on the screen then they will feel happy to pay for a cinema ticket. This ticket prices are the best inspiration for any filmmaker.

For the shake of the development of Bangladesh film Industry screenwriters and directors should be careful about the contemporary trend. We need more cinemas like Dohon.

Complete film review of “Dohon” is coming soon.

Keep in touch with Art Culture of Bangladesh.

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