The straight line crossed and made a crisscross.

A story that starts one morning and ends at the night.

Starting with a beautiful song by a street side band and ends with the same band music.

How should we define the movie Crisscross?

If you ask me what is Crisscross for me. I will say This is an outstanding inspirational movie.

We must appreciate the triumph of Brisa Dasgupta.

She told the story of five young ladies of Kolkata in her film Crisscross.

A business personality Miss Sen, A photojournalist Ira, A struggling actress Meher, An artist and single mother Suzi and Rupa a housewife.

All these five characters represent five different types of women in Kolkata.

The most interesting side of this film is building up the crisis with emotional turmoil.

Creating a perfect level of climax and then a solution at the end of the cinema.

Jaya Ahsan played the character of Miss Sen. Mimi Chakrabarti as Ira, Nusrat Jahan as Meher, Priyanka Sarker as Suzi and Sohini Sarker as Rupa.

In total there are four songs in the entire film.

Most of the time we see an imbalance of using songs in Bengali movies. We found most songs are nonrelevant.

But here in Crisscross, you can relate all the songs with the story.

Eventually, the timing of using songs will amaze you.

Though this film highlighted women empowerment in Kolkata but this is not that feminist movie.

Actually, the film has an explanation about the importance of women and their contribution, their happiness and suffering.

I am not gonna spoil the story.

Crisscross is available online now.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet. Then no wait. If you wait then it will be a loss.

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