Chaitnna Rajbangshi & The Journey Of A Student Filmmaker

This is a common story.

But did we ever think about the journey of a student filmmaker?

Did we really care about the struggle they face in their journey?

Most of the time the answer is like mmmm……. aaah….sorry! etc. But the most important thing is we must care about them; We must know how they start and how they become celebrity filmmaker someday or how a huge number of them just quit and fall in depression.


Today I am going to talk about Chaitanna Rajbangshi a student filmmaker.

He is a student of Shahajalal University Of Science and Technology. Studies Mathematics and a member of Theatre SUST.

A few years ago he started his journey to the visual world. When he took his first attempt to make a short film he was alone and there was no one to help or to guide him. It was his very young age, just after the teenage time. A lot of dreams and hopes that he had could be stopped at the bud. But he didn’t stop. He tried. He was honest to his dreams and had a strong desire that inspired him to be brave. He used

Chaitnna Rajbangshi Student Filmmaker
Chaitnna Rajbangshi
Student Filmmaker

every potential source around him to make his first film. And finally, some of his friends came forward with him those who had the same dreams to make something great. And he completed his first film The Song of Inward Spirit. And then he formed a team and named Kureghor Bioscope with his friends.

Living in Sylhet and making a film is not impossible but full of difficulties. They don’t have enough technical support. In Dhaka, if anyone has a minimum budget may get the basic supports to complete a film which is not possible in Sylhet. But they never stopped still they are working and presenting film after film. In last November 2017, they released a film Praramvo

They premiered this film in The Central Auditorium of SUST before the online release and they spend all the earned money for the welfare of flood-affected people. They’ve completed shooting of another film Boli a few days ago which is going to be premiered soon and also going to take part in different film festivals in the home and abroad. I won’t say, they are making the finest quality film but they are trying continuously. And someday they will make a very positive change in our film industry with their creative contribution.



Ahmed Sabbir

Section Editor, Art Culture Of Bangladesh

11th February 2018


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