Arka released his first film “Ginnima” on Bongo BD

Abhijit Arka released his first film Ginnima on Bongo BD a video entertainment portal in Bangladesh. Ginnima pictured about one year ago. After a long term of waiting Ginnima is now opened for public entertainment on Bongo BD.

Abhijit Arka is an independent filmmaker. He is a student of Film and Media studies at Stamford University Bangladesh. Ginnima is his first attempt to make a film in a short duration. He tried to tell a horror story with his visuals. This film is based on a short story by Kamakshiprasad Chattopadhyay.

Arka released his first film Ginnima on Bongo BD
Abhijit Arka

Arka & the making of Ginnima 


Really, I don’t have any idea where to start this story. From the Dhaka based audio visual production house? Or that journey to be a Khalasi? or about that boy who had a handycam? Actually none of them right now. 

When he started to move on for Ginnima he faced a lot of obstacles. He lost all the footage before the final edit. A whole slot shooting footage was totally missing. Then he did re-shoot them. But that was not enough to complete the story smoothly. Because of his editing skill he finally complete the story with that footage he had.

It was not easy to finance two times for one film.

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Director Abhijit Arka finished this film with the finance of his won production company khalasi talkies.

As a director he performed good in his first production. He is very nice to his team and He always appreciates his team.



Arka said, He is really thankful to Bongo BD and to his team for their supports. Currently he is working in a Cinema with talented Director Tokon Thaakoor.



Ginnima at glance

Directed byAbhijit Arka
Produced byKhalasi Talkies
Written by(screenplay)   Abhijit Arka
StarringSanjida Tanmoy

Rasheda Rakhi

Rani Sarker

Masud Akond

CinematographyMazaharul Razu
Edited by

Art Direction

Costume Design

Sound recordist

Abhijit Arka

Ahmed Sabbir

Arundhuti Shreya

Nahid Masud

Release date·         April 17, 2018 (Bongo BD)
Running time15 minutes 41 seconds


20th April 2018
Ahmed Sabbir
Section Editor, Art Culture Of Bangladesh

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