Arfan Anik walks into the big screen.

Arfan anik is a known face and a vibrating name of Bangladesh television industry. Mostly he is active in television drama.

You may watch him in some interesting television commercials and short films as well.

But one thing you may not know about him.

Arfan Anik has started his journey to the big screen.

Yes! His first movie Shopner Ghor is already released on last 21st December 2018.

The Musician played the role Shovon khan.

In the story Shovon is the rival of Shimanto. Shimanto was worrying about his career because of Shovon. Then shimanto went to Mr. D’Souza a cult follower and Shimanto’s land lord for help. Soon after then Shovon khan murdered.

The death of Shovon Khan is an important turning of the story that will make you much more curious about the ending. .

You will understand the effort of Arfan Anik if you watch the film.

“Shopner Ghor” is a Bangladeshi horror film based on the story by prominent horror segment writer Anish Das Apu.

In Taneem Rahman Angshu’s direction Zakia Bari Mamo, Anisur Rahman Milon, Shimul Khan, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Merlien Biswas and Arfan Anik starred in the film.

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