Another short film by Nuhash Humayun

It was winter of 2016.

Nuhash Humayun came to Medium rare’  wearing red headphones at the evening. His bicycle was stranded at the parking. He entered to the corner room took the intercom and asked for 2 cups of coffee.

I was typing on the computer keyboard and listing to Ed Sheeran.

Nuhash Humayun
Nuhash Humayun


I looked back to him for once then started my job again. John came with coffee. I didn’t know he was Nuhash Humayun. Because, I hadn’t ask his name yet. I saw him just before a day.


I found he is no like other colleagues. It’s not like that he had a different look, attitude or anything. He came at the last hour of office then started to type and play “Shape of you”. 

I noticed the same on next four to five days. Then I came to know his name is Nuhash. But I hadn’t tried to relate Nuhash Humayoun with him.

After that week, we had a team meeting. This was the first time I looked at him and discovered Nuhash humayun. Then I remembered the Grameen Phone good news tvc.

After meeting I was typing and he was sitting on my nearest chair.


Nuhash humayun
Up Coming Film Poster

Nuhash Humayun is very simple, honest and friendly as well. Nothing much to define him.

He thinks so simply but with a great care. He cares about emotions, humors.


When I was typing the Bengali version of Life in other word, I was just getting surprised. How much he worked actually to write those live dialogues.


In his first television fiction “Hotel Albatross” his signature is very much marked. I watched the “Paperfrogs ( kagoj khela) and found Another Nuhash Humayun.




Very much glad to know Nuhash humayoun is going to release another short film. The trailer is releasing to night 9 pm. The film is going to be out 13th of this September on iflix.


“700 taka” is the title of his film. Pritom Hasan and Sabila Nur are starring in this film.


How much money do you have to spend for the perfect first date?

Would you like to know?

Then keep in touch and must watch “700 Taka”.

Have fun.


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