Amar Ekushey Book Fair begins

Its Started. Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2018

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the stamp album fair concerning the Bangla Academy premises at 3 pm.


Poet Agnes Meadows, from the UK, Cameroonian poet Dr. Joyce Ashuntantang, Ibrahim El Masry, from Egypt, and Orne Johnson, from Sweden, will be a completion at the inaugural ceremony as distinguished foreign guests.

Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor will attend the opening ceremony as a special guest even if the Bangla Academy Director General Shamsuzzaman will take in hand the sufficient speech when its President Emeritus Professor Anisuzzaman in the chair.

Earlier in a press conference almost Tuesday, the Bangla Academy DG said the fair would be more pretty and aesthetically breathing this period than the previous years.

Attendants at a wedding album stall have a hectic time attending the weekend visitors at Amar Ekushey Boi Mela 2017

There will be a seminar at the main stage of the fair at 4 pm every hour of daylight from February 2 to 28, followed by cultural deeds.

Like the previous years, the venue of the fair has been lengthy to neighboring to Suhrawardy Udyan subsequent to some changes.

Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor visited the fair venue in taking the motion to Wednesday.

The authorities have allotted a quantity of 719 units 136 at the Bangla Academy arena to 92 organizations and 583 at the Suhrawardy Udyan to 363 organizations.

Last year, the authorities allotted a sum of 663 units 114 at the Bangla Academy arena to 80 organizations and 549 at Suhrawardy Udyan to 329 organizations.

Besides, 24 pavilions have been allocated for 24 publishing houses, including Bangla Academy, even if last year, 15 pavilions were allocated for 14 publishing houses.

There will be strict security arrangements in and re the lp fair venue to avert any detestable incident during the fair.

Publishers from across Bangladesh will exhibit big books behind the reference to speaking swap issues even if Bangla Academy will exhibit 141 newly printed and reprinted books.

Bangla Academy will organize a two-hours of hours of daylight International Literature Conference upon February 22 and 23 to construct a suitable bonding together between the local and foreign writers, poets, novelists as quickly as to make a platform to quarrel their studious works.

At least 15 foreign poets from eight exchange countries will be a realization at the conference.

A newly launched website and the application will pay for the reference roughly the fair.

Awards will be handed difficult than to the publishing houses upon the closing daylight of the month-long Ekushey Boi Mela. The Chittaranjan Saha Smriti Puraskar for the message of a fine number of air books in the fair even though Munier Chowdhury Smriti Puraskar will be conclusive for the aesthetic design.

The Rokonuzzaman Khan Dadabhai Smriti Puraskar will be awarded for publishing excellent books for children even if Qayyum Chowdhury Smriti Puraskar will be an allergic reaction for the best interior design of the stalls.

The fairs will remain to realize in every one of the days from 3 pm to 8:30 pm, except for holidays. It will remain entry upon holidays from 11 is to 8 pm and the fair will control from 8 am to 9 pm on the International Mother Language Day February 21.