Alga Nongor : An Unreleased Feature Film

Director Wahid Tarek primarily started shooting for his first feature film Alga Nongor on October 2014 (During Pre-production). Officially started the shooting on 8th January 2015.

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Wahid Tarek, Director Alga Nongor










“Alga Nongor” is written by Abdullah Mohammad Saad.

This movie tells the story of some drifting characters. They are struggling, moving around. They do not get any ultimate solutions. They met together somehow. Another story begins. Story of a riverside locality of Chittagong from 1996 comes alive in the film.


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A shot from Alga Nongor

Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed played the central character “Mili”. The character was so challenging. She prepared herself for the character. She performed in natural look without any makeup. Elora Gohor, Sumon Anowar played vital characters along with three more major characters.


After nonstop 42 days shooting Alga Nongor went to the editing panel. Labik kamal Gaurob arranged music for this film. This was his first time arranging music in Cinema. Alga Nongor was supposed to be released on March or April 2016.


From The Shooting Set




I watched the trailer several times. I never felt bored.I fall in love with the trailer thousands of time. Specially that song “ dekhao nai kothao nai” touched me so deeply. I searched for this beautiful song on Youtube and sound cloud. I do not know how many times.

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It is been about four years I am waiting for Alga Nongor to watch on the big Screen.  I have never seen such an intellectual use of color in any Bengali film. Every time after watching The trailer I feel the same.





The waiting period for the film started four years ego.I never feel hopeless for that. I am waiting for the film till now. I do believe Alga Nongor will be seen on the big screen soon.


A lot of audience is waiting. They are hoping for the release of this film. The director announced, this film will be released. So this film is now a kind of public property. We have that right to enjoy this beautiful film. 


Ahmed Sabbir,
Section Editor, Art Culture of Bangladesh
4th March, 2018

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