Alatchakra (3D)

This is my greatest pleasure that I am working as a team member of the first ever 3D Bangladeshi movie. Without any dubt I am a prestigious history witness of Bangladesh film industry. The day I joined Alatchakra(3D) to till now I am experiencing the satisfaction and greatness of this wonderful journey.

I found a great team with the mostly polite and smart leadership of  an young director.

Alatchakra (3D)

After completing a successful first lot shooting, I am excited about the next lot.

Getting a chance to work in Alatchakra(3D) was a matter to be passionate and to feel loved for what I was about to do.

I felt that my excitement were turning to a responsibility because of the storyline of Alatchakra (3D). As a Bangladeshi I am feeling proud that I working in a 3D movie that portraying a life from Bangladesh liberation war of 1971.

For the entire team it was a big challenge to film 1971 and the Udayan Boarding, Bowbazar street, Calcutta.

 With a lots of challenges, hard work and fun we gathered a lots of memories as well. I have no smart phone so I collected some behind the scene photographs from social media uploaded by Alatchakra(3D) team members and visitors. Few moments on the frame that tell so many untold stories.

Behind the scenes of “Alatchokro”.First 3D cinema in Bangladesh ever shot.Really appreciate the effort to shoot a realistic committed cinema in 3D. Be humble, be brave.Still long way to go,Habibur Rahman and his unit.

Akram Khan, Filmmaker

Being a part of this move is also like a live film schooling for me. In Alatchakra(3D) I’ve seen how arts and science break even in a balanced mathematical equation.

Collected Photo

Getting in touch with the cinema people who have enough signature in modern intellectual visual storytelling, is just like a bless to me. Working in costume department beside a smart art department is a great fun. I am just feeling the technicolor in every single moment.

Last evening I went to visit the set of AlatCakro a film by Habibur Rahaman. An old house in puran Dhaka at Narinda. 
Nice to see young unite working together! And oh the Biryani was Great!

Zahidur Rahim Anjan, Filmmaker & Film teacher

3D technology is very new here in bangladesh. But I guess we were not so much tensed about this technology.Because, Indian camera unit proved their awesomeness they are enough co-operative and we have one of the coolest DOP.

The amazing 3D camera unit

”I am in love with the idea of doing a cinema in 3D. I think 3D would be great in a kind of realistic normal story without throwing objects to the camera, but using the 3D on the emotions in an intimate story.”

Habibur Rahman ,Director , Alatchakra(3D)

I am seriously lucky in all the way. I met my favorite actor in this film. Actually this is not possible to share all my feeling about Alatchakra(3D) in one single article.

Collected Photo

Hope some day I will share a bit more about my journey to a contemporary historical event. keep in touch with me and obviously with Art Culture of Bangladesh.

Ahmed Sabbir

Section editor,

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