Abu Naser a Master of fashion photography

Abu Naser is a Bangladeshi photographer who has the guts to think differently and to accept the challenges of 21st century. He is one of the top most photographer of Bangladesh.

Abu Naser

Today we are going to open the lid on Mr Abu Naser and his contribution in Bangladesh Fashion Industry.

A fashion designer use to make creative outfits and accessories. He or she  also want to reach his or her products across the world.

Do you know how these works move forward globally?

Here comes the duties of a fashion photographer and the need of fashion photography.

Fashion photography has it’s own aesthetics to represent any fashion products. This aesthetics depends on the creative thinking and affords of a photographer.

Abu Nasir is the one. The photographer who is always liberal to think and to pay his affords for the development of fashion industry.

He took the responsibilities and he is representing Bangladesh accross the globe with his photographs.

Having some conservative ideas about fashion, Bangladesh has not that environment for fashion practice. From that perspective Abu Naser has taken a risk. But he is rewarded because of his hard work and passion for fashion and photography.

Abu naser
Abu Naser Photography

You may not find the touch of Art and culture of Bangladesh in all his works. He is inspired a lot from modern and western art.

But if you just have a look on this video attachment I think you must say, “he knows the master techniques to capture and to represent  Bangladeshi traditional fashion.”

Do you know, what is the secret behind his incredible presentation?

This is none other than his hard work and his philosophy about fashion and photography.

He believes, all he is dealing is art and making art is easy.

To produce a masterpiece Abu Naser experiments with creative lighting and moods.

According to the demands he works from different perspectives and ideas. He is continuously  breaking  out the boundaries  of his profession, creating images that are emotionally strong, have the edges and originality. He won “WPPB best Fashion Photographer award in 2016.

Collected From Abu Naser Photography

Abu Naser is a photography teacher as well. He is teaching as a senior lecturer of Counter Foto. In last few years he also served as a photography teacher in different photography and fashion photography workshops. Here are some of them

Workshop on Fashion Photography & Photoshop- January 2015

Workshop on Studio Portrait Photography (Batch 05) may 2015

7 Days Workshop : In-Depth Concentration on Studio Portrait, Fashion & Glamour Photography feb-2016

Master Technics on Artificial Lighting & Studio Photography (8th Batch) august 2016

Master Technics on Studio Portrait Photography

Master techniques on fashion & glamour photography

Just not a fashion photographer, Abu Naser is specialized enough in advertising, erotic photography, food photography and graphic designing.

I am not claiming he is the master of Photography. But this is very true that he s a master of Fashion Photography.

To know more about Abu Naser , keep in Touch with Art Culture of Bangladesh

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