Stop propaganda against Shomi Kaiser

After hearing the news about the Government grant of Shomi Kaiser for a film some people started to make propaganda against her Grant. Here are a few lines about them an to them. Why they should stop Propaganda against Shomi Kaiser and who are they actually .

Who people are tare talking against Shomi Kaiser……..

They are betraying the state . They are denying the decision what is taken by The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and they are reciting the poems of morality on their voices . Do you know actually actually who are they ? They are a cultural fundamentalist . They have no idea what they are doing. They are doing the practice of unnecessary violence. Actually those people are using the name of morality to satisfy their dishonest wishes. I think you haven’t forget what they actually did a few days ago. Even they used Abdullah Muhammad Saad’s Film LIVE FROM DHAKA as their weapon. When they found a mass craze about the movie they used that positive vibes to full fill their negative desires. First They said that they are standing for LIVE FROM DHAKA to take it back to the cinema screen. Then they said about the environment of filmmaking and added another agenda that they are standing for all good films. And finally They did figure out their original agenda. In the name of film movement those people increased violence among the young filmmakers with their provocative intention.

My question is, where is that LIVE FROM DHAKA by which you started to talk about film movement?

Then those people started to talk about the government grant on Film by Information ministry from the Government of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. My question is, when all the time you have a common tendency to deny the decision of the state then why the state will be soft to those people?

How much you are loyal to your state is needed to get the grant. Betrayers always remain betrays. They never change. In the year of 1971 there were some betrayer and they never changed. Remember that incident.

Do they have any answer, why the state should relay on them? First of all They started to talk about the qualification of the directors and producers who achieved government grant from the Government of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. They said the same about Shomy Kaisar.

But when you came to know the film is actually going to be made by Wahid Tarek they started to walk in another way. Even when they came to know the screenplay is written by Abdullah Muhammad Saad the writter and director of LIVE FROM DHAKA they changed their way of walking . But haven’t changed their motive. They remained the same and showed the biggest hypocrisy. They attack personally Shomy Kaisar with their words. They questioned that book contains the story of the film. They said it was from 15 years ago.

My question is why still people work with Ravi Tagore story? This is older than the story in Shomy Kaisar’s film. I know you people never can accept any decision by the govt. They already have a pre-concept and intention in their mind that they will stand against the government . And Their aim in life is to talk about other people who are more qualified than them. They have no try for self development.

If you look at Mr wahid Tarek and study a bit about his life story, you will find him hard working and passionate. His all achievements are earned. He never begged anything to anyone or to the state. He is qualified enough to move on his way. He have a strong and clean team with transparent mentality. This is his problem and those people are jealous on him.

But they should know their hypocrisy is over. They are refused. We all know what they will say now. They will recite some ancient stories of morality to show how much morality they have.

I do not know what you are thinking now. But I guess they should start their schooling agin to develop themselves . Dying for a government grant can’t be a duty of a filmmaker. A filmmaker is a filmmaker. They should Limit their expectation and to work hard like Wahid Tarek Did. They may follow Mr Wahid Tarek how he work. How he produce good things.

Ahmed Sabbir, Section Editor Art and Culture of Bangladesh

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